Monday, February 19, 2007

51 New Condo Development

Last weekend was Centex's "51" Valentine's debut. I know the grammar doesn't flow well in that sentence, though the development has the flow of an experienced Fung Shui expert.
This development borders the train tracks of the main San Jose station. Wait! That's a good thing. The side that borders the tracks is the popular side for many buyers. I thought it was wonderful. San Jose skyline veiws, urban intrigue downstairs, light from the East and "public" privacy. Walk to see Madonna when she comes in to the Shark Tank. Be a loyal puck head. Shop and dine along the renovated The Alameda. And hop in your car to your Cisco or Yahoo job. I believe this valley is overcoming the housing issue with wonderfully designed condo developments. Kudos to Centex.

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