Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cupertino - Vallco Mall - Lunar New Year Celebration

During the mid-1980s - Vallco was at its peak of coolness. I remember going in there and being impressed. Then Valley Fair merged their separate Emporium and Macys buildings to put Vallco 6 feet under. A new life is taking hold in Cupertino. Dynasty restaurant is always hopping. The new AMC theatres are going to bring great foot traffic. New condos, perhaps a hotel, household income demographics that are very impressive and a need to have good shopping in the west 85 corridor will bring the once cool mall back. It also helps to have a developer with deep pockets. It won't be Santana Row part deux, but even if it became half of that - wow. Now if Cupertino residents can stop voting down every bit of growth legislation...

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