Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FICO credit scores and how to improve them

I just answered a question on about FICO credit scores:

"There are many ways to raise your credit score if you know what the formulas are that calculate FICO. One valuation is based on what your total debt is compared to your total credit lines on credit cards. If her aggregate credit line is $10,000 and she owes $10,000 then she's at 100% debt - which does not rate well. If she can request a credit line increase to $20,000. She quickly goes to 50% debt - which is a much more favorable FICO score."

My guru on credit scores and how to improve them is Robert Childs in the city of Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area. His website is
For some reason the link is not going through tonight. He can also be reached at 925-551-4990.

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