Friday, September 28, 2007

Foreclosures San Jose

Please heed this warning - banks are foreclosing on properties. This may seem obvious to many of you. And the reality is that for some home owners - that possibility is not given its due attention. The majority of homes that are foreclosed upon, the owners did not communicate with their lender. This lack of contact, lack of urgency to work out a solution, solidifies the bank's resolve to foreclose. Banks are in a difficult position right now, they are faced with hundreds or thousands of loans in default. They will be cooperative to the home owners who are in constant communication with them. They will also be efficient in the foreclosure process when little or no communication comes from the homeowner. We can hold back the massive losses in the foreclosure arena if we work with the banks to get resolutions in place. If you are facing default, please contact your lender immediately and put into place a repayment plan. Thanks for reading.

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