Saturday, February 2, 2008

Team in Training San Diego Marathon Run for a Cure

My goal for the first half of this year is to raise $5,000 through Team in Training for cancer cure research. Please visit my webpage and make an important donation to this cause.
I ran my first real race on Thanksgiving morning in San Jose - the Turkey Trot 10K. After that, I knew I wanted to accomplish more. This coming from a kid who in high school could not finish one mile during football tryouts - no - I didn't make the team!
I also just turned the ripe old age of 40 two days ago. I was surrounded by some of my best friends and the love of my life. I cannot ask for more love and happiness. What I can do though, is give something back to those who are not so fortunate. This may be with a grueling 4 hour run in San Diego and it very well may be with some other challenge to myself in the future. It is also done with the support of my friends, coworkers, clients, family and sometimes an annonymous but wonderful donor.
Please do what you can and help me help the researchers and caregivers to find a cure.
- Mario

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