Sunday, March 23, 2008

Short Sale Strategies

Nice 4 bedroom, 2 bath home on great street in Santa Clara - short sale situation - listed for 3 months with no offer activity. Now with a trustee sale date just days away, the listing agent got serious and reduced the price to generate huge interest. 3 offers in on the first weekend and hopes of stalling the trustee sale. If you want to get a home sold, especially with the unattractive situation of a short sale, it must be priced to compensate for the headaches and perhaps to fire up the buyer pool. There are many buyers out there and they jump at the great deals.

03/20/2008 Active 06/14/2008 asking $430,000 - 3 and maybe more excited buyers
02/21/2008 Active 06/14/2008 asking $629,000 - no offers
01/10/2008 Active 06/14/2008 asking $714,900 - no offers

Let me know if you want to get your home sold right away. There are solutions available to you.

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