Monday, April 21, 2008

Mexico Fly and Buy Trip for Intero Real Estate

For those of you who want to have a little permanent fun in the sun, consider going on May 2nd - May 5th to Puerto Vallarta with Intero Real Estate. This is a wonderfully coordinated trip to view the fantastic beach town and tour the many condo and home developments that are being built. Owning is very easy and straight-forward now, including US style title insurance from Stewart Title. Lending is also very easy. Email me for more details so you can sign up. From what I heard - $1,200 pays for everything - including food, hotel and airfare. Tempted...? BTW - I sadly:-( cannot go because I committed to attending a very good friend of mine's wedding. So bring me back a bottle of tequila or a sombrero.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mario,
If you can not make it to the "Fly and Buy Trip of Intero" consider to come to one of our Mexico Alive Discovery Weekends in Puerto Vallarta on May 15 or June 19, or July 17. We have Discovery weekends every month in Puerto Vallarta.
For more info visit or email at
Luis Miranda

Mario Pinedo, CCIM said...
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