Saturday, May 31, 2008

San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon Tomorrow

Bags are packed, running shoes are ready, mind is set, last chiropractor session yesterday, 10 Gu gels and hot shot blocks purchased.... now what? I don't like anticipation in these final hours before a race. The cattle call of a Southwest flight, the bus transfer, hotel check in - can't I do a video conference? I keep looking at the image of me finishing the race in my mind, then work backwards to the starting line. That keeps me going. Also, feeling me say that I finished a marathon, gives me proof that I can do it. Interesting year 40 mid life crisis symptom - better than a red Ferrari. Running shoes much more affordable than Ferrari "shoes" too. Any suggestions for the 2nd half of this year? Who wants to run the Las Vegas Marathon with me on December 7th, 2008? Definitely the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon on October 5th, 2008. And if you want to donate on the final day of my training to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, please go to my fundraising page. Thanks!

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