Sunday, June 22, 2008

San Jose SaberCats Arena Football

A friend scored some tickets to last night's SaberCats game at the HP Arena. I was nonplussed - never having seen an arena football game - and also had no plans for the evening with my kids - so we accepted. I can say now I am a fan of that very interesting version of an NFL game. Huge scoring - some 18 touchdowns in the game - very fast action - great cheerleaders - The SaberKittens - great inexpensive seats and a crowd that was very into the game. It amazes me how many interesting things there are to do in this valley - some things never get experienced if you don't get forced to do them - so my recommendation - next weekend evening that you are bored with the same old stuff - go to a 'Cat's game - you'll be pleasantly surprised. BTW - this has no real estate relevance whatsoever!

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