Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - Time to Remember and be Grateful

After a year of wonder, a year of gut-wrenching markets, trials, tribulations and more.... please everyone take the time to reflect and be grateful for what we have. Look around. Sometimes they don't appear evident - There are people who care about you, people who support you, carry you through the hard times, sometimes even without recognition. Thank the guy who cleans your office, your mailman, the receptionist at the front desk (as nutty as Corrine may be!) - thank your parents (I wish they are still alive) your siblings, your children, friends and any other loved one, here or there, alive or passed on. All these people make up the world that YOU live in. Everyone needs a hug and a short word of acknowledgement. Time to smile on them as they have been smiling on you this whole year. So, hold hands this Thanksgiving and be happy to be here, amidst all that we have.

If you want to give back in a great way today - please click on the link for Team in Training to help in the cure for Blood Cancers: My good friend is running a triathlon to A. have a better butt and B. to support the research. Please give what you can. Thanks All!!! :-)

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