Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Active Single Family Home/Townhomes & Condo's

As of June 2nd this is the current updates spreadsheet done by MLS of the inventory trends in Santa Clara County. Please click the spreadsheet to the left to view a larger picture.

Last minute short sale negotiations

Completely "under water" 2nd lien holders still hold much power in allowing or disallowing a short sale. Even on deals that have been approved by both lenders weeks ago, there are last minute negotiations that occur. In one recent example this week, the 2nd, who was to receive $2,000 as a nominal walk-away fee, negotiated the day before closing to receive $17,000 from the senior lien holder. As any good negotiating book will teach, the real negotiation happens when time is not in some one's favor. Try going to legal arbitration - nothing happens for 7 hours and 55 minutes, then everyone shakes hands at 7:59 - then goes to dinner to lament and or cheer. Moral of the story - short sales are a pain - and a good deal - and a pain...

Santana Row Stylish Loft $675k

Santana Row is one of the most happening places in San Jose and did I not mention very classy and very fun. You can live here in this 1 bedroom 1.5 bathroom stylish loft that features high ceilings, large bedroom suite, dual vanity, soaking tub and a walk in closet. The living area features an open floor plan with granite kitchen, den/office area and you own private patio. If you like to always b e in the spotlight and love food, entertainment, even relaxation this place is right for you.