Monday, March 2, 2009

Situations We Can Help With

Please read below and if you or anyone that you know is in one of these situations, we can help.

1. If you are considering a short sale - we have a team that can sell your property and negotiate with the bank to allow a short sale.
2. If you are in a pre-foreclosure situation - received a Notice of Default or a Notice of Trustee Sale - a sale may still be possible - talk to us and we can see what can be done.
3. You would like to know about Loan Modifications - your adjustable rate mortgage has or will increase - we have a team at Intero Mortgage that specifically deals with loan mods.
4. Investment property issues - negative cash flow, under-water on equity, vacancies, etc. The market has adjusted and perhaps an adjustment in management, tenants, financing or some other change will make your investment property viable again.

My team here at Intero will listen to your situation and provide answers and guidance. Please talk to us as the solutions are available if we act decisively and fast.

- Mario Pinedo
415-269-6249 cell
408-342-3155 office

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