Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loan - Purchase Perspective - It's not all about rate

From Yulin Lee of Opes Advisors, Yulin is one of my trusted advisers in the lending world:

Since January we've been seeing historically low conforming loan interest rates. It seems we've almost gotten used to having them around.

Most recently we've been seeing some incredible rates for jumbo loans. This is great news for the high cost Bay Area and it opens up new opportunities for both purchases and refinances.

It's easy to get enamored by great rates. But rates aren't the whole story. The rest of the story includes having the chance to consider the many other variables involved and to reveal opportunities and potential threats that aren't immediately apparent.

In fact, all the buzz about low rates led a client to contact me about a purchase he was considering. Rather than immediately jumping into a rate conversation, I suggested we take a broader look at what he wanted to accomplish.

Taking advantage of Opes' blended expertise of Wealth Management and Mortgage Banking; we looked further into his financial situation and discussed his financial goals. Through this planning, we assessed that increasing his down payment somewhat would enable him to get a considerably lower rate. We were also able to demonstrate that he would be receiving the equivalent of a guaranteed return of 8.25% on the additional down payment money.

Whether securing a home loan for a purchase or a refinance through Opes Advisors, we provide our clients key financial advice. And, because comprehensive financial advice is so important to meeting financial objectives, we do this at no additional charge. Here is a link to some of our client case studies.

Please contact me to discuss a specific situation or to review the potential impact of options that are being considered.

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