Sunday, November 8, 2009

Duplex Short Sale San Jose - Oakridge Mall

The acceptance of short sale properties is becoming the norm. There is a very nice duplex by Westfield Oakridge Mall which was put on the market 4 days ago. There are now 4 offers in hand and the listing agent is submitting the best one to the bank's short sale department tomorrow. This deal was priced aggressively low at $495,000 for a 2,100 square feet quality condition duplex - perfect for an owner-occupant. And that is what it takes to spur interest and get a home sold. The emphasis is to beat the foreclosure deadline and to alleviate the negative cash flow burden that the seller is facing. This underwater property may very well be stabilized by a new owner in the next 45 days. If you know of anyone who has a property that has negative equity, is facing payments that are way too high to handle or has foreclosure looming, talk to us about our short sale successes.

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