Saturday, November 14, 2009

Feng Shui Issues in Selling Homes

Buyer's agent called me today, thrilled about my new listing. Her clients have been waiting for a townhome in that complex to come available. She even said they will write an offer this weekend once they see the inside. Then the agent asked me: Which direction does the front door face? I said North - in fact, I use my iPhone compass application on every home I sell. Sadly for me her clients will not buy a home that faces either North or South - that's 50% of the market! Now, not every buyer has these same directional allegiances - many home buyers love homes that face South - they tend to be sunnier - or North for the same reason if the living spaces are oriented to the back of the house. I tend to not like high rise condos with West facing views - you roast in those units in the summer afternoon. East facing is difficult if you want to sleep in on lazy Sunday mornings - or you invest in black-out blinds. Find me a house that rotates please! By the way, my desk faces South East - what does that mean?


Anonymous said...

the south east is the most prosperous direction this year - so you are probably doing very well even if this is not a personally supportive area there are subdirections which can be successfully utilised.

Mario Pinedo, CCIM said...

Dearest Aussie,
Even if it may be a white lie, I really appreciate your confidence boosting post - Yes! this desk will be super prosperous:-)

David Pylyp said...

You are absolutely Correct!
Each buyer has their own criteria when they select and even after 20 years they still surprise me.

Great Post!

David Pylyp
Living in Toronto