Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silicon Valley, Facebook and Real Estate

I'm not going to go into too deep of an analysis here.... I caught a clip of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" today. One of the questions was: Which internet giant has a CEO who is 24 years old? A. My Space B. Facebook C. ______ and D. _____ (the last two I can't remember) Answer is B - Facebook - final answer.
Facebook is yet one more internet giant created in our backyard - well actually at Stanford - same difference! The vibrancy of this area continues and will continue for a very long time. Has this affected real estate values - definitely. In fact Palo Alto is UP this year something in the range of 5%.
Google waited forever to go public - a wait lengthened by the Dot Com bust. Facebook probably will do the same - for the better. And as more and more of my 40 year old friends finally fall to the lure of sharing their college and high school pictures with friends they haven't seen in decades, the more valuable will be the FB shares - and the homes in Palo Alto.... OK I know... it's late and I rambled again. Signing off.

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