Saturday, November 14, 2009

Feng Shui Issues in Selling Homes

Buyer's agent called me today, thrilled about my new listing. Her clients have been waiting for a townhome in that complex to come available. She even said they will write an offer this weekend once they see the inside. Then the agent asked me: Which direction does the front door face? I said North - in fact, I use my iPhone compass application on every home I sell. Sadly for me her clients will not buy a home that faces either North or South - that's 50% of the market! Now, not every buyer has these same directional allegiances - many home buyers love homes that face South - they tend to be sunnier - or North for the same reason if the living spaces are oriented to the back of the house. I tend to not like high rise condos with West facing views - you roast in those units in the summer afternoon. East facing is difficult if you want to sleep in on lazy Sunday mornings - or you invest in black-out blinds. Find me a house that rotates please! By the way, my desk faces South East - what does that mean?