Friday, March 5, 2010

San Jose Bank Owned Homes

I just did a search of future San Jose Bank Owned Homes based on a 5 mile radius scan of Notice of Trustee Sales. The parameters were, 5 mile radius of my office at Intero Santana Row and NTS within a 60 day period. The return was 775 homes scheduled for trustee sale in the next two months. Of course, many of these will be postponed due to short sale offers, bankruptcy filings and mutual agreements with lender & borrower to work through loan modification, etc. This is a very large number given the comparison to the approx 3,500 homes on the market in Santa Clara County. An additional 20% REO or short sale inventory will have a significant impact on pricing. Banks are being cautious not to flood the market. Although, some banks may decide to sell their inventory first at perhaps higher prices than waiting it out.

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