Friday, March 5, 2010

Wells Fargo Wachovia Short Sales San Jose & Beyond

Everybody's favorite and most innovative short sale bank has been Wachovia - now under ownership of Wells Fargo. Wachovia realized that they had a large amount of bad loans in their portfolio and they decided to be proactive about heading off the financial crisis within their bank. While most banks were begrudgingly processing short sales - some as long as 4-6 months - Wachovia put into place a single decision maker per region - Sandra Villalpando is our representative in Silicon Valley - to make decisions within 5-7 business days! The real estate industry loves this - it makes the sale of a Wachovia short sale almost as easy as a "normal" sale. Wachovia short sales then started selling at a very rapid pace. The leaders of Wells Fargo now are adopting the Wachovia model and will roll out their quick short sale approval process - and actually using the Wachovia teams to handle the larger workload. Good job Wells Fargo and brilliant job Wachovia!

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