Thursday, July 22, 2010

Non Performing Residential Notes in San Jose - Silicon Valley

Banks are far less apt to sell their residential non-performing or under-performing notes to investors. The world has shifted to hedge funds and other investment groups that are buying bulk notes from banks. These true investor oriented groups see value in parceling off some of their purchases. The arbitrage is won by the local investor who understands more clearly what final sale value a home will have. Typically the hedge fund is making a decision on a geographical area of which it is not familiar. The reliance is on a Broker Price Opinion which may or may not be very good. The typical BPO provider is paid $40 per report - not enough to stimulate precision and accuracy. So, if you can buy a residential non-performing note either at a discount or a par - if your asset's value is clear, then a rational investment decision can be made. Let us know if you are looking for this type of investment.

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