Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foreclosures Halted - Bank of America and Wells Fargo in Review

The current issue of reviewing the legality of banks foreclosing on borrowers is going to be a very long mess to unravel. Bank of America halted their foreclosure activity until they can review their procedures. Wells Fargo Bank is also reviewing all its pending foreclosure properties and those that it recently acquired. Does this mean that Bank of America and Wells Fargo are the only banks with liabilities to review? Heck no! Every bank is scrambling on how to best manage this mega mess. The Title Companies are sweating this too. And the real estate attorneys are salivating.
This will have a major impact on the market because home buyers and investors will not have certainty on a large segment of the housing inventory. This segment - bank owned homes in California - accounted for over 43% of sales in the last year!
A winner in this mess will be new home developers and owners of homes that have not been foreclosed on. The short sellers will also benefit because the banks will give them more time since foreclosure is essentially off the table for now. Short sellers may be cautious too because they will be dealing with banks that have more on their mind than the short selling of one person's particular home.
And this too shall pass, but when, that is to be seen...
What do you think this will do?

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