Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Duplex Fourplex Trustee Sales San Jose & Silicon Valley

We are tracking 87 imminent Trustee Sales for duplexes and fourplexes in Santa Clara County. Of these, NONE have Trustee Sales prices that make them attractive for investors. 85 of the 87 are 1st position loans, the other two are 2nds behind large 1sts. Based on our value assessments, none of the 87 are worth considering.
Of the 87, many will have their trustee sales postponed for a variety of reasons (processing a short sale, bankruptcy, loan modification, etc).
Those that do go for auction, will revert back to the bank - unless there are some foolish investors at the auction paying over market rate.
Then we will see these as bank owned properties for sale within the next month or two.
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