Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on Apartment Loans for Bay Area Real Estate Investments

Kari Noomen of Chase Commercial lending spoke to the Bay Area Apartment Brokers Forum last week. Her update included the following rates for apartment loans that she is facilitating through Chase Bank. For an average "B" quality building, the best rates are 5 year fixed at 4.97% with 75% loan to value and qualifying at that rate to a 1.15 DCR (debt coverage ratio). For years in this area, the LTV of 75% was a non-issue since the DCR would cap the amount of loan to a building to 50-60% of the purchase price. Now Kari is actually doing 75% LTV loans because the interest rates are so low. This is a very good time to get solid financing on great apartment assets in the San Jose / Silicon Valley area.

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