Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Los Angeles California Commercial Investment Property for Sale

Top 3 deals from the west LA commercial meeting today:
1. 15 bulk condos new construction, fully rented, North Hollywood, great hold then sell in 2-3 years for big upside - $6,500,000.
2. 32 unit apartment in west LA near Culver City, built 1986, no rent control, great value add deal - needs updating - rents $200+ under market per unit - $7.4M
3. Development site approved for 52 apartments + 3,600 retail space, Van Nuys, 26,885 sqft lot, $2,350,000.
 And check out our new Los Angeles Bank Owned Commercial Property for Sale site:  
 and our investment site in LA:
Call me for detailed information on these and other investment or development deals.

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