Monday, August 8, 2011

Apartment Notes for Sale Los Angeles

We have direct access to over 10 apartment building notes that are for sale in Los Angeles County.  For more details, please contact me.  These are in various stages of distress - from temporary loan mods to final stages of BK.  Also, there are a variety of locations and sizes from 5 units to over 30 units.  Buying a Note from a bank does not in any way guarantee you that you will own the property.  But with the right strategy and flexibility in place, it can be a great investment.  Let us know if you want to sit down and review buying commercial or non-performing notes to buy.
Also check out out sites in LA: & for more deals.

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Unknown said...

I found your blog in Google few moments ago, and luckily, this is it I was looking for the last weeks, thanks
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