Friday, March 25, 2011

Rants About False Recovery in Commercial Real Estate News

Bass Ackwards reliance on "apartment market leads commercial real estate recovery" - apartment values are high-this is true - but because people have been foreclosed on due to loss of jobs, loose financing standards and very low consumer confidence. More tenants in the market does not a recovery make - commercial real estate in almost every other segment is hurting and not recovering - retail tenants are not taking space, office users are not taking space, hotels are very soft - these segments do not tie in with the robust apartment market. And the apartment market is only hot in core areas - not in the vast open spaces where new home developers over built homes and now a 5 year old single family home rents for near what a class A apartment building does in the same area.
We want good news in commercial real estate - but let's look at reality and make better decisions based on that.