Friday, July 11, 2014

Duplex Fourplex Apartment Building Statistics in Santa Clara County

At this week's Bay Area Apartment Broker's Forum meeting in San Jose, guest speaker Tom Scott of Cambridge Management Company brought some interesting statistics from the Santa Clara County Recorder's office.

2-4 Unit Properties:  15,144 total properties - 787 sold in 2013 - 5.2% of the inventory sold - 19 year average hold

5+ Unit Properties: 5,719 total properties - 554 sold in 2013 - 9.0% of the inventory sold - 11 year average hold

There is almost a double hold period for duplexes and fourplexes compared to larger apartment buildings.This could mean that the ease of ownership on a smaller building is greater and therefore those owners hold the properties longer. Or, someone with a 5+ unit property makes more money faster and therefore sells in a faster time frame. Those are my two suggested reasons.

What do you think?

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