Thursday, January 25, 2018

Santa Ana fixer rental investment property for sale

Not for the faint of heart: These two buildings on one lot require much attention and patience, but the deal looks good. $410,000 asking price for a 1920's SFR 3 bed 1 bath with some architectural style. The house needs a dramatic overhaul - down to the studs - as per listing agent. The commercial building which was most recently an operating grandfathered restaurant cannot be a restaurant going forward as per the City. Potential uses would be a second residential unit or office space. Both would have to be approved by the City.  I expect rents for a renovated 3 bed, 2 bath house (yes adding a 2nd bathroom) are $2500 easy in that area. Turn the BBQ Pit into a 1 bedroom apartment and rents should be $1300. Overall deal including renovations $550,000 with $45,600 in rents is a 12 GRM in a market of 16-18 GRMs on existing duplexes.

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